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A role playing game with a virtual Dungeon Master.

Like many others, I was excited about the possibilities offered by OpenAI's ChatGPT program, and I experimented with it as a way of playing role playing games with the machine, seeing where it would take me and what wacky adventures it could come up with. This sort of worked, but there was so much in the way of making it an immersive experience. The AI continuously going off track and repeating itself, the lack of consequences, the effort involved in giving the AI a suitably crafted environment that a good story could grow in. I have done the work of figuring out ways to make rich stories and introduce some risk and randomness for OpenAI to work with. If you have attempted to use ChatGPT as a Dungeon Master in a role playing game, you will know that the generated content tends toward ... blandness. I think I have come up with a system that overcomes those limitations.

When you log in, you are asked to create a new Story. You will choose from one of the Scenario Seeds and describe your character. After that, you will play the story with the Dungeon Master. The scene will be described and you tell the Dungeon Master how your character reacts/acts/moves in response. The Dungeon Master takes your input and weaves it into the story and describes the consequences of your character's actions. Wash, rinse, repeat until you end the story or your character meets and Unfortunate End™.

You can register and create an account for free and you can play three stories with no cost or obligation. I think you will have enough fun to sign up for a paid subscription.

I hope you have as much fun writing your stories as I have had experimenting and building this site!

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My name is Richard Still and I am a software developer. I enjoy boardgames and role playing games.